Why Choose Us

Lending Hands is committed to delivering top-quality services to our individuals we serve. All of our staff always give their 100% and fullest effort when they are caring for your loved one. We promote overall wellness and healthy activities to our individual. We make sure that every day when we are with them, their needs are met with sufficient and utmost importance.

Our support care personnel, qualified developmental disability professional(QDDP) and register nurse health care staff are highly competent and well-experienced in providing care to people with developmental disabilities. Rest assured that our individual’s expectations are met and surpassed, as evidenced by the quality we do our duties.

Mission Statement

Lending Hands works with a mission to make a difference in the lives of our individuals through specifically designed community and residential services for people with developmental disabilities. We believe that everyone – regardless of age or mental functioning – should have a chance at being integrated into the community that he or she is part of.

Support care personnel, qualified developmental disability professional, and Health care staff from Lending Hands performs their tasks and responsibilities for our individuals we serve with dignity and respect. We believe that everyone is entitled to living a comfortable and relaxing life. Our compassionate staff will be at your loved one’s side anytime of the day to attend to his/her needs.

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