Lending Hands staff will work closely with individual we serve and family in order to provide for their Special needs. There will be an individualized treatment that is based on the physician’s diagnosis and recommendations for the developmental disabilities individuals we serve.

Such treatment will focus on residential care services that will prevent institutionalization -thus allowing individuals we serve to stay in residential setting through out the provision of care.

Services for Individuals we serve and the Family Members

  • Personal Care as Needed
  • Medication Related Consultations
  • Counseling
  • Transition Services and Support
  • Psychotherapy
  • Employment Support
  • Housing Related Skills Training
  • Coordination of Services with the Community
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Respite for Family Members

Would you like to know more about our services? Consult with our nurse on staff! You can also schedule an assessment for your loved one. Our line of work revolves around helping families like yours to find solutions for your special needs.

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