Become a Sponsor

Having concern for other people can be seen in different ways. Kindness is a human nature. You can give back to your community by becoming a sponsor and make a change in the life of a person.

There are different means of offering your help and be a good Samaritan to others. Channel your generosity through Lending Hands. You are very welcome to send us any support you can give for our cause. To know more about becoming a sponsor or how to make a donation, you may call us at 256-665-6715 and 256-859-5301 or send us an online message through our Contact Us form.

Becoming a sponsor will help us:

  • Make a difference in the lives of Lending Hands individual we serve
  • Decrease anxiety of our individuals we serve through the materials you donated
  • Lessen financial concerns of the individual we serve or his/her family

We at Lending Hands appreciates all the help and effort you give us. Our sponsors make it possible to be better in delivering our services.

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