About Us

We look for smiles and we celebrate it. We look for hope and we cherish it. We look for ways to keep your family together.

Lending Hands is a Residential One-to-One care provider for individuals with developmental disabilities. We address special needs through community-based programs that are specifically designed for individuals we serve with developmental disabilities issues. There are also services for family members who seek support as they face the different challenges associated with having an developmentally challenged loved one.

Serving a wide age range from children to adults, we believe that our team can make an impact in the lives of the individuals we serve by creating individualized care plans. We base the care plans on the age of the individuals we serve, their behaviors, their highest or lowest level of functioning, their self-care skills and the home environment they live in. We take these factors into account and design a Residential One-to-One Care program which is aimed at improving the quality life of the individuals we serve.

The difference we make on one person can change his or her life entirely. We believe that everyone – regardless of age or developmental functioning – should have a chance at being integrated into the community that he or she is part of. Lending Hands hopes to bring that opportunity to your loved one!

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