Welcome to Lending Hands
Welcome to Lending Hands

Lending Hands is a residential community service provider certified by Alabama Department of Mental Health that focuses on One-to-One services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We provide services all over the state of Alabama – being in our line of work for many years, we hope to make a positive impact in the private lives of the families we serve and to the community as a whole.

Individuals in our care need help in their daily living skills such as self-care, communication, community participation and others so that they can increase their independence, thus reducing their dependence on staff and family members for daily living tasks. We provide training programs for individuals we serve to gain skills in communication, socialization and community integration.

Lending Hands urges family members to get help for their loved one with developmental disabilities as early as possible. When proper developmental millstone care and attention are given in the early years of the child, there are higher chances of successful treatment. To learn more about our services or to request for a consultation, please use our online form.

Mission Statement
Lending Hands works with a mission to make a difference in the lives of individuals we serve through specifically designed community and residential services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled. We believe that everyone – regardless of age or mental functioning – should have a chance at being integrated into the community that he or she is part of.ABOUT US..»
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